Adelaide Food Bloggers

# A D L F B

Adelaide Food Bloggers began in early 2012 as an Instagram hobby. We have quickly progressed from iPhone snapshots to arriving at high quality camera imagery, with a thriving Instagram page developed through social media courses, editing and grid planning applications and expertise in hashtag and caption writing. We have developed a household name amongst Adelaide Instagrammers and Facebook users alike and are confident that we provide find the best spots to eat out, provide menu and event consulting, find the newest products for eating, cooking and lifestyle, fashions and promote charitable causes.

Our biggest asset is our affinity with perfectionism in imagery whilst maintaining realism when captioning and sharing our stories with our audience. Further, in all our professional engagements we are fortunate to be led by a founder with the, "gift of the gab" whom excels in forming relationships, adapting to all sorts of scenarios and truly understanding the ins and outs of local businesses. We work and write like we talk -which is a million miles a minute - and with passion and tongue in cheek comedy. We love our blogging community and truly endeavour to promote businesses that hold their expertise in offering value to the South Australian community rather than solely being driven by commercial profits. We offer many of our clients [and other bloggers] menu ideas, event launch consulting and management and all sorts of tips outside our usual, "scope" because we thrive on nothing as much as seeing the community do well.

As you already know, we have a team that targets two distinct areas, our younger owner and her, "blogger babes" are ripe on the social scene and know what's eye-catching and will start a trend. And on the other side of the spectrum are our, "Mumma Bloggers" - we are a family business and no one other than our owner's mother and three aunties, who are from a strong Italian background and a family of culinary masters, have expansive knowledge of the wine and liqueur industry, interior design, marketing and contacts amongst a different market that can only be reached by good old-fashioned word of mouth (and some facebook posts of course!)

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