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About Us

We have quickly progressed from iPhone snapshots to arriving at high quality camera imagery, with a thriving Instagram page developed through social media courses, editing and grid planning applications and expertise in hashtag and caption writing.

Some things about us

Why hello! I'm Gemma-Marie and I'm the face behind Adelaide Food Bloggers. I am lucky to have an amazing support team who help out in all facets of this quirky bloggersphere like my incredible Go-To-Gal and 2IC Elena, my brunch babes Jessy, Tessy and Teesh, my man and his clan who offer their brutal honestly, business critique and oversee management of all things ADLFB and of course my mumma bloggers (my mum and my beautiful aunties). There would be no Adelaide Food Bloggers without all of these amazing people, and more.

ADLFB started off in early 2013 when instagram was just a weird artsy app and I was just a university student. A friend and I had an obsession with foodand eating out in Adelaide, and with a big Italian family full of chefs and cooks (both my nonnas - grandmothers - had restaurants, I have been truly spoiled for food!) we became the go-to amongst our friends of, "where to go to eat". So as a bit of a "why-not" late night / sleep deprived /studying idea, theadelaide food blogger's instagram was created. Now, over 20k followers later, me taking over sole ownership, social media and marketing training and some fast-typing and "expressive" dialouge - here is Adelaide Food Bloggers the website offering all sorts of things we hadn't imagined!

I have a passion for good eating, pretty food (and pretty, pretty things), cooking, interacting with clients and meeting new people. I am a lawyer in another life (which can lack a creative expression outlet...) but my deepest passion comes from helping businesses grow, advising on menus, hosting events, taking pictures and running social media in the hopes of seeing things I believe in thrive. The thing I adore most is meeting other South Aussies like myself, which through my ADLFB journey so far has allowed me to touch on so many other lives.

Now I've tried to make this as short as I can, but if you ever do meet me, you'll know that this was a huge effort - I definitely have a gift of the gab (if you call it a gift).. which is probably why I love doing this so much.

I hope you enjoy the ADLFB journey with us! CAUTION: Don't look at my photos if you're hungry, you'll overeat and blame me for weight gain.